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I was blessed to practice as a RN for 13 years in several different fields (Family Practice, NICU, OB, L&D, PACU, Endoscopy, and then as a Unit Manager and Nursing Supervisor). However, as I interacted with my patients, I realized we were merely treating symptoms, not addressing the very foundations of health and healing . I decided to dive in to alternative healing modalities and learn how to best walk beside clients to help them achieve optimal wellness. I received my Holistic Health Practitioner Certification and am also a SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner.  In my wellness center, I use traditional and alternative methods to consult and encourage my clients in their own healing journey. Most importantly we will address the foundations of health: food, breathing/air, sleep/rest, spirituality, sunlight, balanced emotions, body and energy work. Possible modalities we may use together include galvanic skin response testing (with Zyto technology- an FDA approved medical device), muscle response testing, iridology, homeopathy, herbology, Bach Flower Remedies, TCM, aromatherapy, detoxification modalities, as well as Raindrop Technique massage. I am not here to diagnose or treat illness but to support the overall body systems and to address weakness as the body shows the need for support. We walk the journey together and then allow the body to heal itself, the way it was originally created to do. 

About Me

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