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We are here to partner with on your journey to optimal wellness.  

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ZYTO Balance with report

Zyto technology uses an FDA approved medical device scanner to  assess biological preferences of the body using galvanic skin response.  Balance report reviewed with client.  $50

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Initial Consultation

90 Min Initial Consultation 

This is a comprehensive consultation reviewing the foundations of health, client health concerns, Zyto Balance Scan, muscle response testing and other modalities customized to each client need.  $125

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Follow-up consultation

Follow-up Consultation

This 30 or 60 min follow-up visit can be done in person or virtually to assess care plan and any additional concerns.  

SHAPE ReClaimed Products and Services

Bundled services and products for SHAPE ReClaimed Program


Phase 1 Starter Package
(first 4 weeks) 
Includes SHAPE drops, Program guidebook, Simple Recipes for Phase 1 Cookbook, Urinalysis strips, 4 appointments, 4 Urinalyses, Facial diagnosis, new client fee


Phase 1 Follow-up (Schedule to be determined by individual need)
Weekly:$295-Includes 1 bottle of SHAPE drops, 4 appointments and 4 urinalyses
Bi-Weekly: $185- Includes 1 bottle of SHAPE drops, 2 appointments, 2 urinalyses
Monthly (every 4 weeks): $130-Includes 1 bottle of SHAPE drops, 1 appointment, 1 urinalysis


Phase II & III
Phase II: $120- Includes 3 weekly appointments.
Phase III:  $80- Includes 2 appointments for one and three months after completing Phase II

How the SHAPE Program Works


If you’re struggling with weight gain, fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog, blood sugar problems, hormone imbalances or other frustrating symptoms, you have come to the right place.



The SHAPE Program addresses all of these problems and more. Here’s how it works:


  1. Have a 15-minute consultation. In this consultation, we’ll talk about your health goals and how the SHAPE Program can help you reach them. You’ll fill out a thorough health history and do a baseline urinalysis. Urinalysis is one way we track your progress on the SHAPE Program.

  2. Establish a follow-up schedule. We will meet weekly for the first 4 weeks of the SHAPE Program. At these visits, we’ll do a urinalysis, talk about how you’re doing on the program and have an opportunity to ask questions.

  3. Receive your startup package. Your SHAPE Program startup package includes a bottle of SHAPE Drops, a Program Guidebook and a Phase I Cookbook.

  4. Follow the program as outlined in your Program Guidebook with any recommended changes. Your Program Guidebook is your step-by-step guide on how to do the program. We will customize the program to meet your unique needs based on your urinalysis results and how you’re feeling each week.

  5. Watch your health and life change! We know how hard it can be to create healthy habits and maintain optimal health. With the SHAPE Program, you’ll learn new habits and because this program addresses the underlying cause of your symptoms, maintaining optimal health is possible!


We are here for you every step of the way. Whether you decide to do the SHAPE Program to lose weight, have more energy, improve your blood work, or just because you’re ready to change your life, we know this program will get you where you want to go. It’s simple, safe, and has thousands of success stories!]


Schedule an appointment today! 217-864-8488



Disclaimer: This website is not owned or operated by SHAPE ReClaimed™, LLC. Any content outside the SHAPE ReClaimed website ( is not an acknowledgement or expressed position of SHAPE ReClaimed, LLC.

SHAPE ReClaimed Products and Services Continued:

Bundled Services and Products for SHAPE ReClaimed Program


21-Day Quick Cleanse-New Client
Includes 1 bottle of SHAPE Drops, Program guidebook, Phase I cookbook, 3 appointments, 3 Urinalyses, New client fee



21-Day Quick Cleanse-Returning Client
Includes 1 bottle of SHAPE Drops, 2 appointments, 2 Urinalyses


Additional Items:
Facial Diagnosis: $45
MOOD Balance: $49
pH Concentrated Minerals: $23
SKIN Healing lotion: $22
SELF ReClaimed ToolKit: $80
SHAPE Drops (one bottle is already included in package prices): $65
Simple Recipes for phase 1(one book included in package price): $15
30 Day Anti-inflammatory Challenge (phase II/III cookbook): $15

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